The Most Business Friendly Cities for New Start Ups in the New England Area

The United States' New England region may consist of some of the smaller states within the country. However, the business start-up opportunities that are awaiting entrepreneurs with business plans of all sizes are tremendous. You will enjoy the opportunity align your company with some of the most high tech entities in the world. The labor force that is available throughout states includes Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island consist of professionals that possess the latest in knowledge and skills within their specific trade industry. Here are some business friendly cities that should be noted for the ability to host business ventures that have seen some of the highest levels of growth and success within their market.

Franklin, Massachusetts

Boasting one of the largest tech-savvy labor forces in the United States, Franklin has much to offer the up and coming entrepreneur. Many business incentives are in place for new start-up businesses and commercial firms looking to relocate to the Massachusetts area. Single tax rates are offered for businesses and residents alike which have helped to bring new innovate business ventures to the community. You will find a wide range of industries situated throughout the Franklin area including manufacturing companies, laboratories, biotech companies, medical-device manufacturers, farm and agriculture businesses, and other such facilities that the economy depends on throughout the country. With a population of approximately 30,000 this is a quite area that offers affordable housing opportunities as well as reasonably priced office spaces for you to set up your new business venture. The constant stream of high tech trained professionals that come to the area give you access to fresh ideas for staffing your business and will provide you with the ideal start to grow your business as you see fit.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

If your new start-up business venture includes the need for a well-educated labor pool then Cambridge will have what you are seeking. Home to major reputable educational facilities including Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, entrepreneurs are finding professionals that offer their business fresh ideas that will take them well into the future. While office space and residential real estate properties are on the steep side, Massachusetts does have some of the lowest property taxes within the United States. Throughout the Cambridge Innovation Center alone there are more than 150 technology based and life-science focused start-up businesses alone. This is just one example of the high tech industry at work in today's business market. Cambridge is always seeing advancements and growth within the companies that choose to set up their facilities within the area, giving you the opportunity to grow to new heights.

Manchester, New Hampshire

If your new business start-up venture offers products or services for the healthcare industry than Manchester, New Hampshire, is the place for you to be. This business friendly city is leading the healthcare industry throughout the United States with high tech manufacturing and innovative research facilities aimed at creating a stronger sense of healthcare throughout the country. Entrepreneurs are taking notice of the bounty of benefits obtained for both their working and living needs as the city does not have income or sale tax in place. There are however high property taxes on residential and commercial real estate properties to make up for this. If your business will depend on travel capabilities the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport which offers daily flights to all major cities including New York City as well as Washington, D.C. is situated right in the heart of the city.

Hamden, Connecticut

While Hamden is a suburb of New Haven, Connecticut, this town is able to stand on its own. With good schools and a comfortable population of around 60,000 people this city has proven to offer entrepreneurs the best of both worlds. Grants and small business incentives have gotten Hamden much recognition among business owners that wish to relocate and new start-up business ventures in Connecticut. Manufacturing, real estate, financial based servers, and healthcare industries have been among the many that have found Hamden to have what is needed to create a positive business venture that allows them to experience maximum growth and success. The relaxed scenic setting of this city offers ideal locations for raising families and setting up business sites that are always appealing.

Lincoln, Rhode Island

Creating a business venture in Lincoln, Rhode Island can be done in a fast and well-planned out manner. With a population of just over 22,000 people, entrepreneurs have the ability to meet with local organizations, existing businesses, planners, and administrative officers to create a solid plan for their execution. It is important to note that while this is a great community to live and work it does have minimal amenities such as museums and hospitality services. Businesses that do start-up in the area are provided with a bounty of tax incentives to build up the economy throughout the community. With the easy commutes to nearby Providence and Boston, entrepreneurs will enjoy a diversity of labor options from some of the highest quality professionals within their industry.