The Most Business Friendly Cities for New Start Ups in the West North Central Area

Cities throughout the West North Central region of the United States will find that cities in this area offer a lot of amenities for those entrepreneurs seeking new start-up business ventures. States in this area including Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota are among some of the areas that are proving to be the most affordable when seeking office space, office equipment, residential housing, transportation, and staffing. While the weather in these states can be a hindrance for some entrepreneurs that are not use to long winters or colder temperatures, the ability to start up a business without significant competition gives the business a chance to grow and build a positive reputation. Here are some of the more positive cities throughout West North Central United States that have proven to be the most fruitful for entrepreneurs seeking to achieve maximum success within their business venture.

Omaha, Nebraska

Entrepreneurs seeking to start their own business but lack an unlimited amount of funds will find Omaha, Nebraska to be a good place to set up their company. Offering affordably priced office space, homes, utility services, and a bounty of state tax incentives for businesses of all sizes, you can begin your business venture in this city with even a small amount of financing. With almost 400,000 people living in Omaha there is always a steady stream of business awaiting the products and services you plan to offer. Having a local airport located within just minutes of the downtown area and the U.S. Strategic Command which is located in nearby Bellevue there is always opportunities for businesses in every industry and of every size. If your business plan depends on technological advancements you will find that Omaha is home to some of the largest technology companies in the world. For example, companies including Google have data centers and industrial facilities that are located in the heart of this business friendly city.

Fargo North, Dakota

While it has often been thought that with the long, hard winters that are experienced throughout Fargo new start-up entrepreneurs may be scared off; in the past decade this city has seen some of the most significant growth in all types of business industries. When choosing to start up a business in Fargo you will have the opportunity to enjoy low priced housing, low cost office spaces, low crime rates, short commutes, clean environment, low crime rates, and a steady economy among other benefits that are available throughout this community. Agriculture is the prime business industry that is found in the area. However, companies that have made substantial growth and are reputable around the world such as Microsoft have chosen to house company facilities in the Omaha area. Entrepreneurs have access to adequate staffing with top qualified professionals in diverse fields. Having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States, the economy in Omaha is always able to maintain itself even during the hard economical times.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

It is the phenomenal tax relief opportunities that often bring new start-up businesses to the Sioux Falls, South Dakota community. The area provides provisions that leave businesses and residents alike exempt from having to pay state corporate, personal income, personal property, inheritance, or inventory taxes. Overall business start-up ventures in Omaha are estimated to cost approximately 45 percent less than other major business hubs throughout the United States. Many of the existing businesses that are established in the area include data centers, call centers, credit-card and finance service headquarters, as well as some of the most reputable arts, culture, and entertainment based companies from around the world. The design of the business environment that welcomes new entrepreneurs leaves room for businesses of diverse natures. With 13 major colleges, universities, and technical institutes in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area there are always highly qualified professionals awaiting the opportunity to staff your company. Their fresh knowledge and state of the art skills will provide for the backbone to help your company achieve the highest level of success available.