The Most Business Friendly Cities for New Start Ups in the West South Central Area

West South Central Business Friendly CitiesThe west south-central area of the United States is a well-known hub for a wide range of businesses. It is home to some of the most successful companies in the country and it has an overall very favorable climate for business owners. This is especially true when it comes to small businesses and start ups coming to the area. While there are many established businesses here, there are also a number of excellent resources geared toward helping smaller businesses flourish. While most of the cities on this list are in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana also show a lot of potential for small businesses and start ups.


Houston is the world-renowned epicenter for the oil and gas industry in the United States, but there are many other businesses established here. Aeronautics and research facilities are becoming a big part of the landscape here. In truth, some of the most common start ups in this area are in the technology and research sectors. Biomedical research is also very popular in the city with many local government programs providing incentives to these research companies. In 2013, Forbes listed Houston as the top city in the country for employment creation. The University of Houston has many resources pushed toward small business development through the Small Business Development Center. Since many people here work for the oil and gas industry, the standard of living is high and the taxes are generally lower. This presents the opportunity for tax incentives to be applied to small businesses just starting in the area.

San Antonio

San Antonio has one of the more diverse economic climates in the state of Texas. While the oil and gas industry is a definite presence here, industries like tourism, financial services and health care are becoming major players. San Antonio has also seen very fast growth as a popular destination for large call centers. This diversity creates a lot of opportunity for new businesses to get started in the city. There are many business development resources available to people starting a business in San Antonio. General business development centers abound, but there are also unique, specialized business centers that focus on specific areas of business. For example, the Procurement Technical Assistance Center is an arm of the San Antonio Small Business Development Center that assists businesses with procurement duties.


Dallas is a well-known hub for large corporate businesses and this is a good thing for start ups to keep in mind. In fact, the Dallas/Ft. Worth area is home to one of the largest concentrations of Fortune 500 companies on Earth. This has a number of unique benefits for start ups since these huge companies also outsource quite a lot of their operations to smaller companies. This includes everything from food service to accounting and even technology development. Business development is a high priority of the local and state legislature in Dallas. The North Texas Small Business Development Center and the Dallas Office of Economic Development offer a lot of wonderful resources for start up businesses.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is expanding its economic core at a rate that is faster than the national average by embracing the diversification principles that have helped so many other cities. As the energy industry has declined throughout Oklahoma, Oklahoma City has taken steps to encourage a more diverse economic growth. In fact, this diversification is credited with a growth in the city's economic output by 33 per cent between 2001 and 2005. Technology companies, healthcare and administrative services are among the fastest growing sectors of Oklahoma City's business world. Thanks to the help of business incubators like the Oklahoma Small Business Development Centers and the University of Oklahoma Small Business Development Center, start up businesses have access to a wide range of assistance options.

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New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the most business-friendly cities for start ups on this list. Tourism companies, technology companies, logistics companies and software start ups all find New Orleans to be a very good location. Retail start ups are also very popular here since the tourism industry is so busy. Instead of having to rely on a static population of potential customers, start up retail businesses with good frontage can take advantage of a constantly diversifying demographic.

West South Central

This area of the United States is well-known for being home to a number of very successful cities. The presence of huge companies in a city does not indicate that smaller companies cannot do well there. In truth, there is a substantial amount of information stating that the exact opposite is true. While different industries will perform better or worse depending on their exact locality, the truth is that this entire region of the United States is excellent for most start ups.